Phi Beta Upsilon is a fraternal organization that was founded in 1971 by a group of Vietnam Veterans. These brave Americans created the organization to assist each other in returning from the Vietnam War, and adjusting to their new college lives. As years passed, the number of Vietnam Veterans attending college as full time students decreased. The membership qualifications were expanded to allow other individuals into the organization who have the desire to help Foreign War Veterans in any way possible. Today, we have over 150 members in our organization. Our members consist of Military Officers, Business Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Doctors, Leaders in Technology companies, Professors, and leaders in many other professions. Our network of members is extremely tight, providing each other with help such as job placement and professional services, and get together for activities such as Golf Outings, family picnics, and professional sports attendance.
Our Mission Statement Is: "To provide and promote an atmosphere of friendship and cooperation for veterans returning and re-adjusting to school life."
Phi Beta Upsilon has two Chapters:
Plymouth State University Chapter - Plymounth, NH
Daniel Webster College Chapter -
Nashua, NH
Click HERE to visit the Daniel Webster College Chapter of Phi Beta Upsilon
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